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Welcome to Blue Class September 2023 - July 2024

October 2023

On the 11th October Blue class travelled to Carymoor and became Anglo Saxons for the day!
We started by sharing our knowledge with Beth at Carymoor. Next, we had the chance to dress in Anglo Saxon tunics. Some were a little itchy! We then went outside to the round house. It was very smelly as they had recently lit a fire. We took turns in grinding barley to bake bread. We tried 2 different methods, one required a lot more muscle than the other! Next, we went outside and completed an Anglo Saxon orienteering quiz – it took us a long time to find all of the answers.
We all enjoyed eating our lunch together, afterwards we spent time weaving some plates. We found this quite tricky and it required a lot of patience. Next, we went on a rune hunt. We had to find the symbols hidden in the garden and then unscramble the secret message. We were rewarded with chocolate coins! Finally, we ended our day by taking a walk back into the past to discover all of the different creatures that were living in England at that time. Our challenge was to name the creature by identifying their footprints.


September 2023

Wow what a start to the new term! It has been lovely to welcome old faces and some new faces into Blue Class. We have a new classroom assistant Miss Hughes. We have had a busy week getting to know our new classroom and routine.
We have started our learning in English by inventing our own mythical creatures. In Maths we have been revisiting our numbers up to 1000. We have started our History topic by learning what happened to Britannia after the Romans left and we ended our week dancing and singing to ‘Mamma Mia’ – our music topic this term!



Welcome to Blue Class September 2022 - July 2023

January 2023

Blue class are starting to learn about Robert Burns in preparation for Burn’s Night. We made the Scottish dessert of Cranachan using oats, double cream, honey and raspberries. We had a great time making it and really enjoyed eating it too!

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Blue class has had a lovely week using the new Trim trail.

The children from Blue class have been listening to a range of songs by ABBA.  We performed the song Mamma Mia with glockenspiel accompaniment.  

Blue Class had a fantastic Anglo-Saxon day at Carymoor Environmental Centre on Tuesday 4th October.  After meeting our workshop leader Nat, we shared our knowledge about the Anglo Saxons and made a human timeline.  It was then time for dressing up as Anglo Saxons.  We went outside and ground barley using a saddle quern stone and a rotary quern stone.  The next activity was completing a multiple choice orienteering quiz in groups.  We had a go at weaving plates with strips of willow which was quite tricky.  After lunch, we did a runes treasure hunt and we had to decode the letters.  The letters spelt the words ‘GOLD COINS’ and Nat kindly rewarded the children with chocolate coins for their efforts.  Before playing some Anglo Saxon games, we did an animal footprint trail around the field.  The largest footprints belonged to an animal called the auroch which is now extinct.  We all had a great day.  Thank you to Mr Lancaster and Mrs Baggridge for supporting us on our visit.

September 2021 - July 2022

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